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Zero fees, Instant, Private Transactions, DeFi, Open Source & Available To All.
circulating supply is ~13m of total 17m. being mined since 2017.

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47 t1b7YEWYr9wx4nRa2rTwqF4wfMae1f14kyt 0.00319851 ZER 5c393... 5 hours ago
46 t1LsTDnL9Ap7DHYeZauTtzM29xuZuEfqj4P 0.01677828 ZER 4ebde... 5 hours ago
45 t1Rmz6dLBdGZAxpdP3YDPyhkNxJW1CY3L7g 0.01327579 ZER 3b155... 7 hours ago
44 t1cY1xbGjQCP4EaEvfxSRT7BYaDxdpsoR1K 0.01531326 ZER 29aad... 9 hours ago
43 t1U16xELMuqR41m3ijSmrU6DFjqu5z5usra 0.01394775 ZER b750a... 10 hours ago
42 t1gtuw6BR19FpiDD42PVFZYRuy1idw69Cyu 0.01625171 ZER 7471d... 20 hours ago
41 t1U16xELMuqR41m3ijSmrU6DFjqu5z5usra 0.01478257 ZER dd233... 1 day ago
40 t1Rx3CubJgEWxrgN9u9mZqHuEeeCAqod1fY 0.00357391 ZER 9f5cd... 1 day ago
39 t1cmsZKowNZwymG4fPYdph8s5ZSPtH7dNzA 0.01855160 ZER fe6bb... 2 days ago
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