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Zero fees, Instant, Private Transactions, DeFi, Open Source & Available To All.
circulating supply is ~13m of total 17m. being mined since 2017.

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210 t1T87RmUjTHNQDnk15WUsgRcgWP43UmfsK9 0.01233134 ZER ee1af... 6 hours ago
209 t1T87RmUjTHNQDnk15WUsgRcgWP43UmfsK9 0.00402514 ZER 53083... 7 hours ago
208 t1SDD3x1imx8quN89r7Ke1kxpDG7QLJQyix 0.00486986 ZER e1a6e... 9 hours ago
207 t1ceuZQZw6rNxCHLTqoZ5Y5WrbC7mUHWmae 0.00799080 ZER 15dc2... 10 hours ago
206 t1doFpJpgqpn4G2YFWPFFbC7aoXt9mNVUgX 0.27318866 ZER 79e2b... 13 hours ago
205 t1XoiMbKvKEjTXo9xQn2RjMzFP8pZY1BTER 0.06663708 ZER 3c817... 14 hours ago
204 t1ahEeDcRAgrqsEbpfEVrbBS3tjzYaVmMmJ 0.00651410 ZER 23d35... 14 hours ago
203 t1U16xELMuqR41m3ijSmrU6DFjqu5z5usra 0.03303432 ZER 14c17... 1 day ago
202 t1RF1WrNcPVeEWGVf5kCpuq8cNXZCfqVAsN 0.00312177 ZER 4bc5f... 1 day ago
201 t1LsTDnL9Ap7DHYeZauTtzM29xuZuEfqj4P 0.00310567 ZER 32b75... 1 day ago
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